Building a lasting legacy

Property developers are charged with immense responsibility – the places and spaces that we create drive great influence. A development delivers not just housing, but it creates a sense of home, of belonging, of community – and it is the focus on these intangibles that matter most.

The recipe to deliver these functions isn’t simple as the landscape is incredibly complex. Every community is built by understanding the unique needs of its future residents, considering how their lives will change and evolve and investing in great design that promotes the right behaviours.

Oreana was born out of a drive to find blank canvas, greenfield sites where we could deliver better outcomes for those who would work, live and play in them. Greenfield development had been criticised in the past for a ‘cut and carve’ approach that throws houses up without the associated amenity that creates neighbourhoods and communities.

We saw the opportunity to do better and build a lasting legacy – not just for us, but for the residents who live in our developments. When we approach development we consider the needs of the local community – today and well into the future.

We believe that the best developments are integrated and that this integration delivers that sense of neighbourhood that poorly planned places lack. It is about delivering necessary commercial facilities like retail where locals can shop and factories where people can work, alongside housing, childcare and convenience-based amenity like service stations.

Legacy is delivered in every decision that we make on a project and therefore it is the responsibility of all of those at Oreana. Legacy is about thinking of the future, which if you aren’t doing in property, means you are starting behind.

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