Fostering Connection Through Considered Communities

At Oreana we understand that as a developer the decisions we make and the actions we take have lasting consequences for the future. We see this as an opportunity to create spaces and places that leave a legacy of connectedness, bonded through a shared sense of community pride.

It’s why our core purpose as a business is focused around ‘a better future’ – delivering better for our people, our partners and the communities in which we operate.

It is a real and important responsibility that we have and it’s why we approach our projects with a very open mind as we endeavor to improve the social and economic outcomes of the areas we develop.

We don’t just build houses and shops or childcare centres, we enrich communities. We create places where people can come together, build housing that fulfils needs and lifestyle aspirations, and provide facilities that are crucial to daily life.

Here’s a bit more about our approach.


Connected neighborhoods are where people know and look out for each other; where small businesses thrive and where local pride is on display at sporting fields and community events. They’re the kind of places you want to call home.

But living side-by-side doesn’t necessarily create that kind of connection. Places and spaces that deliver on community needs do this; places that bring people together.

This is where community hubs are key to developing vibrancy in growth areas – these retail and service spaces not only provide convenience, but a place for people to gather, to recreate, to make and meet friends, to support each other and the local community.

The best developments consider what a community actually needs, and delivers to that brief. Not to what makes more money, or what is easy to do. The gold is in fulfilling a need – when done well it can be simple and drive returns too.


Oreana mostly concentrates on growth corridors in Melbourne’s outer suburbs that have seen substantial population increases, often without the addition of new services to match – leaving some residents lacking the fundamentals for functional, convenient and connected living.

Residential developments that are not linked through large-scale town centres or masterplanned communities are where people often lack easy access to everyday services and amenities, compromising their quality of life.

By thoughtfully linking these areas to the broader Melbourne community by identifying the specific needs of residents, we can provide developments that deliver exactly what these communities need and where they need it.


Meeting community needs requires rigorous consultation and careful analysis of current and planned development.

But good developers don’t just look at what is around them, they look at what is coming. Predicting future demographics and overlaying those with current and planned amenity, housing and infrastructure is how you create considered projects that are relevant now, and safeguarded for the future.

By identifying what is missing and filling the gaps, you create vibrant, well-equipped communities that support people through all stages of life – from childcare centres and swimming schools, to pharmacies and medical facilities.

This is what constitutes responsible development – the provision of amenity, community support services and housing that works for today and tomorrow.


An example of strategy in action is Oreana’s Grices Road mixed-use development in Clyde North comprising a mix of commercial, community and residential uses.

Sitting adjacent to Aspen and nearby Berwick Waters residential estates, this development includes retail shops, eateries, supermarket and community facilities such as a swim school, gymnasium, and vetinary; alongside 17 town homes providing the perfect transition from the activity centre into the neighbouring estates.

Thoughtful design ensures the centre connects to the community via pedestrian linkages and activated shop fronts. The built form is appealing and unique with each tenancy providing a ‘throwback’ to Melbourne’s past where strip shops projected individuality.

Importantly, the centre also acts as a meeting point for the local community as well as servicing their daily needs close to home. Prior to the centre being delivered, the local community had to travel by car often several kilometres to reach a supermarket or visit a café.


Oreana’s breadth of expertise in development means we can deliver everything from boutique housing and medium-density townhomes, to childcare centres, major supermarkets, swimming schools and specialty retail.

We deliver all this in the form of inviting community hubs that encourage locals to come and spend time together and support local businesses.

It is through the creation of well-considered hubs and the purposeful linkage between hub and home that provides the platform for community and connection. This is how connected neighborhoods are created and how we deliver on our purpose to create a better future.

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